Sparkling, very still: An uber rich life

Depending on the type of TV show that the audience is captivating, the world seems to be feeling overwhelmed or waiting for a bad spell to pass. If the story of rich complexity, the combination of humans and mythical animals, as in Game of Thrones and House of The Dragon, is so compelling, the reason must be because these Covid years are really unpredictable. When reality seems surreal, only imagination can prove life.

If art reflects life and we are distracted from false information and reality instead, no wonder television reality is exaggerated enough to feel artificial. Netflix’s Dubai Bling, the latest example of a shocking ban in this category, is re-enacting all the usual tours we expect in movies that focus on socially-influenced women, such as: cars. Bright, designer labels and delicious dinner dates related to helicopters. . (A similar scene is on The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives and Selling Sunset). However, behind the decorated socialists traveling from the Soirees to the nightclubs, there is a magic golden glow from the skyscrapers – by far the most impressive character on Dubai Bling is Bright city.

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In some circles, Dubai is joked that it is the best city in India. According to government data, Indians with a net worth of more than 4,000 moved their NRIs to the UAE Global Center this year on their own. The reasons are many. It’s a start to ensure that their high school kids can easily make the transition to the West for college. Some claim it is for a better lifestyle – after all, who would have thought their right would continue to breathe Delhi’s toxic air or deal with frustrated infrastructure in Mumbai and Bangalore if they had Choice? Others worry about the socio-political-economic turmoil in India. No wonder the main incentive for change stems from a loophole in Dubai’s investment policy that allows sensible traders to escape regulation and escape the daunting tax evasion of the department. Apply the law here.

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Because millionaires everywhere want to protect their wealth, Dubai is full of industrialists, artists and successful aristocrats from unstable neighbors such as Pakistan, Lebanon and Iran. As a result, it’s an exotic place for wealthy migrants and retirees whose lives are no different from those of Dubai Bling characters.

Transnational NRI existence has many financial benefits as long as one can accept the philosophy that boredom is the cost of growing one’s bank balance (according to the hierarchy of disasters that affect 90% of humanity). Not qualified as a problem). However, one should reveal the truth about the NRIs billionaires on their towers in a hot room, raising their thumbs, the only business that is managing their wealth. Spend exactly 45 minutes a day. What to do with the remaining 16 hours for 182 days? (The law is NRI can not be physically present in India more than six months of this year and can not work in Dubai). So the biggest problem of the rich NRI is that despite the bright streets and the noisy nightlife, time is running out. A day spent between a spa, a gym, a rented room – and many other pleasures of indifference – quickly fades away. Living outside the bounds of ordinary work is lonely even if you are surrounded by international planes surrounded by the same problems of ennui.

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“This is the pink wine of life,” lamented the protagonist of Scott F Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned, whose vast wealth killed his ambitions, but his lack of purpose created oppression. The central theme of Dubai Bling shows the dominance of the jazz era that is now played in the city of aliens. The problem does not end there. Even when feeling a thousand times over, there is fatigue to deal with.

The author is the director of Hutkay Films.


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