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Sla The Label – London-based lifestyle entrepreneur and fashion label founder Sarah Ashcroft shares how she grew her brand organically – with her personal and chic girl favourite, SLA The Label. Ashcroft started his 24-hour running wear company from the ground up and has always focused on giving his followers and customers what they are looking for – comfort and quality.

In a city as old and full of fashion as London’s fashion history, 27-year-old entrepreneur and fashion designer Sarah Ashcroft has always known that fashion transcends the built environment. Luck, hard work and determination paid off for the young media professional. After college, Ashcroft attended a prestigious business school in London to establish himself in the design industry. There, Ashcroft launched his blog,

Sla The Label

As a way to differentiate yourself from other job applicants for a fashion PR career. Using her blog as a launching pad for job interviews, Ashcroft aims to show prospective employers that social media influencers, bloggers and others have a deep understanding of the growing business world. “I’ll upload everyday things – most of which I’m afraid to look back on,” laughs Ashcroft, “but a moment where I don’t like the excitement and where to buy these things. Little notes for yourself, style tips and things I want to share.” About six months later. , a 19-year-old brainiac and brash influencer blogger, quit her job in sales and never looked back.

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Ashcroft, who launched the SLA label in June 2019, is inspired by lifestyle and chic yet integrated airport accessories. “I always knew I had a real job to do and call my own, especially after 7 years working with other brands,” says the designer. “I know I have many years to grow to do something with these things, and I know my sales from previous partnerships that I was lucky enough to have until 2019.” A few years ago, Ashcroft saw a gap in the market for good casual clothes that were affordable and fit the right size. Originally, SLA Label was a label that focused on the largest sizes. Finding Ashcroft’s name is as natural as his work. She creates with her followers in mind and scours Pinterest to stay on top of new trends. “Honestly, I design with my followers in mind because, especially with my OG followers, I feel like I learn a lot from them along the way. What do they want to wear, what do they want to look like, and what colors do they want to wear. An SLA girl wants to look great and feel cool at the same time. someone who wants to. He’s full of sass, but he doesn’t care.”

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An SLA girl is someone who wants to look good and be cool at the same time.

It was released at the end of the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown. “This collection is inspired by what we all have to work on and is certainly selfish,” Ashcroft said. “We want to try to convey a positive message in our logo, so it seems really appropriate.” The collection includes men’s tops, joggers and shorts in a variety of eye-catching colors. In stark contrast to the relaxed atmosphere that creates the brand, Ashcroft created SLA Luxe to show a different side of his personal style. “I’m either dressed up or dressed down, definitely not in between, so it was natural to add a touch of glamor to SLA,” Ashcroft says. SLA Luxe is all about the beautiful girl. The line offers colors not often found in its collection and includes several small drops that allow the label to continue to release new fabrics and exciting looks. SLA Luxe’s ​​two-piece shiny and seamless dress is the perfect choice for the post-epidemic team. The label has a new Ashcroft Exclusive beachwear collection featuring brighter colors, plus-size dresses and the perfect loungewear.

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To achieve Ashcroft’s distinctive and relaxed style, SLA Label is a great place to start. A brand is made up of many things. “I like a very simple, elegant, simple look. “I live for the perfect pair with a leather jacket and a racing top or a pair of simple pants with bike shorts,” says Ashcroft. The casual look is high quality. When it comes to beauty, she only has one choice. Ashcroft focuses on clean, fresh, dewy skin. sums up. Her beauty products include face cream, lipstick and mascara. My favorite beauty item would be a good cleanser. “There’s nothing that compares to the feeling of freshly washed skin,” says the designer.

The Story Of Sla With Sarah Ashcroft — Bode Magazine

“I’m a big believer that if you want something to work, you have to give it 100%.”

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Although he has spent the last eight years caring for his community through various social media and devoting his years of education to developing the brand, the entrepreneur continues to work to find the best ways to move forward. “I love the community I’ve built and I’m grateful for everything I’ve been given,” Ashcroft said. “I feel like going forward, I’m going to pay more attention to SLAs, because I believe that if you want something to work, you have to give it 100%. Once I’ve created an SLA, it complicates the different types of things and influencers, so over time, both I hope I can find a way to live happily ever after and continue to share my life and work with my amazing followers. I hope to be an inspiration to future female entrepreneurs. By sharing my business journey with my fellow female entrepreneurs.” From luxury goods to swimwear, anything one thing’s for sure – Ashcroft will follow the community wherever he goes – and it’ll look good when he does it.

Sarah Ashcroft.

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