Political Mailer Claims Affirmative Action Harmful to Asian Americans

Asian-American protesters in support of affirmative action outside the Supreme Court. (Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund)

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A political email distributed by the Washington, D.C.-based America First Legal Foundation denounced affirmative action as harmful to Asian Americans.

The email, which did not specify any candidates or voting measures, read in part: “Biden and the left want to decide who gets hired and who gets fired based on skin color. Even pilots are chosen based on skin color, not flying ability.

“Hiring now – Requirements: College degree, 3-5 years experience, must be Black or Latino. Whites and Asians do not need to apply.

“Joe Biden and left-wing officials have engaged in widespread racism against whites and Asian Americans — even though it’s illegal.

“One of Biden’s first executive orders made racial ‘equality’ a core policy of the U.S. government. ‘Fairness’ is synonymous with excluding people from jobs, college admissions, government and economic interests based solely on the color of their skin. outside.”

The message contains clippings from Newsweek, Wall Street Journal and other publications.

America First Law Foundation’s mission statement: “We believe all Americans deserve a government that puts their needs, interests and country first. This is the sacred obligation of every elected leader. This is our Founding Father The system that was built. This is the priceless legacy of every American citizen.

“However, America’s first principles are now under unprecedented attack. Our security, our liberties, our sovereignty and our most basic rights and values ​​are being corrupted by special interest groups, big tech giants, fake news media and freedom The evil alliance of Washington politicians was systematically disintegrating.

“We founded America First Legal to save our country from this coordinated movement. With your support, we will stand against the radical left’s anti-jobs, anti-liberty, anti-faith, anti-border, anti-police and anti-American Crusades.”

The group is chaired by Stephen Miller, a former senior adviser to the president during the Trump administration.

Candidate positions

Affirmative action has been raised as an issue in the California 45 raceth The congressional district consists of two Asian-Americans – Republican incumbent Michelle Steele, born in South Korea and raised in Japan, and Democratic challenger Chen Jie, whose parents immigrated from Taiwan.

In an Oct. 31 tweet, Steele said, “Jay Chen has spent the past 12 years working to get CCP Confucius Institutes into U.S. classrooms, but he’s not so far in securing Asian-Americans into college classrooms. Helpful.

“Like his support of CI, Chen’s full advocacy for race-based selection at colleges and universities across the country has led to discrimination against Asian Americans.

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“Chen’s advocacy for affirmative action is so ingrained that he continues to blame Tucker Carlson, who in effect denies that students are being punished for their race.

“Chen’s push for affirmative action has disproportionately affected Asian Americans. Michelle Steele has supported Asian Americans and fought affirmative action for decades. She has:

“Host an amicus brief with Senator Ted Cruz and 80 of her congressional colleagues in support of plaintiffs SFFA v. Harvard.

“Introducing the Helping Applicants Obtain Valid and Reasonable Decisions (HARVARD) Act, which increases transparency for higher education institutions by requiring higher education institutions to list their use of personality traits in admissions decisions. In doing so, they will not be eligible for Title 4 federal funding.

“During the Board of Education and Labor hearing on these discriminatory policies, questions were raised with U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. He said, “I believe students should have the opportunity to apply and get into college based on their merits. “

“Supported and campaigned for California’s Proposition 209 in 1996, which outlawed racial preferences in public hiring, education, and contracting. Subsequent increases in minority graduation rates followed. In 2020, California Democrats introduced Proposition 16 , to restore racial preferences in hiring, contracting, and our education system. She opposed this discrimination, but was rejected again.

“Testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on AAPI discrimination and the way affirmative action harms students in schools across the country.”

After appearing on Carlson’s show in 2016, Chen said: “The whole premise of his question is an invalid premise, ‘If you’re Asian and you have high test scores, but you don’t get into Harvard, it’s because of your Race.'” It could just as easily be that you weren’t a legacy, don’t play lacrosse or sail, didn’t attend a feeder private school, or your dad didn’t donate $2.5 million to Harvard like the president- elect’s son-in-law. Getting into Harvard isn’t just about SAT scores.

“If this conservative attack on affirmative action is really about protecting Asian Americans, why are they covering up the fact that white students, who make up 60% of the student body, also have far lower test scores than Asian students? From Stats Statistically, white students who, by their own logic, take up Asian positions more unfairly than Latinos or African Americans, so where are the lawsuits?

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“No, their focus is on affirmative action and the minorities who may benefit from it. Don’t be fooled by these rhetoric, Asian Americans are just being used as a wedge in this debate.”

Supreme Court Argument

On Monday, the issue was brought to the Supreme Court, which will consider whether colleges and universities can continue to use race as a factor in admissions. Opponents of affirmative action argue that Harvard and North Carolina violate the principle of equal protection, undermine the promise of a colorblind society, and discriminate against Asian Americans.

One of those opponents is Student Fair Admissions, which describes itself as “a nonprofit membership group of more than 20,000 students, parents, and others who believe racial classifications and preferences in college admissions are unfair, unnecessary, and unconstitutional. Our mission is to support and engage in litigation to restore the original principles of our nation’s civil rights movement: that a student’s race and ethnicity should not be a factor in harming or helping a student get into a competitive college.”

The New York-based Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund has denied allegations that race-conscious admissions policies discriminate against Asian Americans or perpetuate harmful stereotypes about them.

“The Asian American community is large and diverse, including first-generation college students and children of career-acquired immigrants from parents; children of working-class refugees and multi-generation Americans; speakers of more than 300 languages; aspiring entrepreneurs, artists , teachers, etc.,” AALDEF said.

According to AALDEF, SFFA relies on “date manipulation” to try to prove that Asian Americans with high test scores have lower acceptance rates than other racial groups.

ECAASU (East Coast Asian American Students Association) said in a statement on Oct. 31, “Today, the Supreme Court is hearing two race-conscious admissions cases at Harvard and North Carolina. Opponents are trying to exploit Asian Americans people as a wedge against other communities of color.

“But we’re not here for this. We #DefendDiversity. We stand with a coalition of over 121 Asian American organizations and activists supporting race-conscious admissions in higher education.

“Contrary to what anti-affirmative action activists claim, Asian-Americans benefit from an admissions process that allows us to showcase our whole selves during the college application process.

“More than two-thirds of Asian Americans support affirmative action, according to a poll conducted by @AAPIData in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Vietnamese.”

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OCA-Asia Pacific American Advocates policy intern and Columbia University Sri Lankan American graduate Melinda Samaratonga wrote in an opinion piece: “Affirmative Action Has Divided the Asian American Community: Some Support the challengers in the Harvard case, while others join groups like the OCA-Asia Pacific American Advocates and the Asian Americans Advancing Justice AAJC to advocate for affirmative action…

“As Asian Americans, it’s easy to fall into the trap of opposing affirmative action because we think it’s going to hurt us. However, it’s critical to reconcile America’s history of racism with the need for restorative programs like affirmative action. We Asian Americans People must advocate for affirmative action to reject the exploitation of our identities and fight for equality for America’s most marginalized people.

“It is often confusing for us Asian Americans to determine how affirmative action affects us because it is sometimes thought that affirmative action is taking opportunity away from Asian Americans and other racial groups. In reality, however, our race Group support for this policy is critical; if Asian Americans oppose affirmative action, we fall into the trap of allowing our identities to be used to gain white dominance.

“Historically, Asian-Americans have been exploited in the pursuit of anti-Black policies, the disenfranchisement of Chinese immigrants as far back as the 1860s…For example, the model minority myth is the idea that Asian-American independent success was simply hindered Inclusion through black; it’s a white construct that allows white policymakers to oppose race-conscious programs without appearing racist…

“Asian Americans have become pawns in advancing white anti-Black interests. The Harvard Supreme Court case, for example, was the case for Students for Fair Admissions, founded by white conservative strategist Edward Blum ) brought up…is Blum so concerned about the well-being of Asian Americans or is he just using us to push for the exclusion of blacks from higher education?

“Furthermore, Asian Americans, like blacks, have benefited – and will continue to benefit from – affirmative action… This race-conscious program levels the playing field for white Americans and people of color… against A policy that empowers and benefits its own community is simply unreasonable.

“Asian Americans must actively support affirmative action for the benefit of our own people and resist exploitation by white policymakers.”


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