Nigerian internet sensations and where they are now

It is often said that when opportunity meets preparation, it leads to success. With the advent of social media in Nigeria, there was an opportunity to knock on the door of some citizens and when the spotlight was on them, they did their best to seize the opportunity. Daily Trust Saturday celebrates some ordinary Nigerians who have become internet sensations and captured the attention of Nigerians.

Orisagunna Jumoke (oni bread)

Ms. Orisagunna rose to fame after accidentally posing for a photo shoot while selling Agege Bread. She accidentally interrupted a photo shoot by famous photographer TY Bello of international star Tiny Tempah and the pictures quickly went viral.

Jumoke became popular after a remarkable transformation that transformed it from a herb to a delight. It has even become a topic of discussion at the world level. Her fortune grew after she began receiving endorsement deals, modeling contracts, tours, and scholarships.

However, the model’s crisis began when she had a conflict with the father of her children, Sunday Orisagunna. He claimed that after fame and fortune found him, he became rude. Her once-vibrant modeling career also had setbacks.

Since then, Zhumoke has disappeared from the public arena. In addition, the mother of two has deleted all her social media accounts. Its last update was in 2019, except for its Facebook page, which was updated in 2020.

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Risikot Ayegbami

In 2020, a young woman visiting Ilorin for Eid came across two blue-eyed sisters named Kaosarat and Hasanat. He later found out that their mother, Risikot Ayegbami, also had the same special quality. It wasn’t long before their photos went viral on social media, especially when she found out that her father abandoned them because of his blue eyes.

Their lives have improved after renowned photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa captured beautiful pictures of an extraordinary family. The First Lady of Kwara State, Olufolake Abdulrazak and the wife of former Senate President Toyin Saraki intervened by providing a down payment of N250,000 each to support the family. In keeping with his good intentions, he announced a scholarship for the admission of two children to Roemichs International School.

Risikot’s husband quickly changed his mind and decided to stay with the family because he had treated them well.

Mary Daniel

Mary has revealed in several interviews that she had her leg amputated as a result of a horrific car accident that killed her parents when she was a child. She said the incident forced her to drop out of school to support her baby and elderly grandmother.

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His plight prompted many Nigerians to donate to him and the state government even gave him temporary shelter. He commissioned the N17.5m building which was bought through donations from generous people within and outside Nigeria. He has completed the construction of a packet water plant here.

Oreofeoluwa Lawal aka mummy Calm down

Oreofeoluwa Lawal became a Twitter phenomenon in 2020 after a video of him pleading with his mother to stop beating him for any wrongdoing went viral.

Little did the four-year-old boy and his mother, Toluige Olokoobi Babalola, know that the video would become popular and attract the attention of Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

Young Lawal made his Nollywood debut when he made a cameo in Kunle Afolayan’s The Swallow after that popular video. He now has a social media account where he keeps his followers updated on his whereabouts.

Jeremiah Ekuma

In January 2022, Ekuma Jeremiah, a bottled water vendor in Lagos State, became an internet star beyond his wildest dreams. Jeremiah was seen in a Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) vehicle handing out money to various inmates in a viral video shot by a driver identified as Emmanuel Ojo.

Many Nigerians were shocked by the water vendor’s decision to donate the meager profits from his trade to convicts.

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Billionaire businessman Obi Kubana offered him a scholarship and a monthly income of N100,000. He was escorted by Freeze and Obi Kubana with his letter of acceptance. Jeremiah is currently a student at Ebonyi State University pursuing his first degree in Law.

Happy child1

On March 3, 2022, a video of two security guards at Chicken Republic dancing wildly went viral. In the video, the security guards known as “Happy Guys” are seen dancing to “Finesse” by Phels and Buju Club.

As everyone watched their dance, rumors spread that they had lost their security jobs. In an official statement, Chicken Republic denied claims that they had been fired.

According to a statement posted on their official Instagram account, the two security guards in the video work for a private security company.

However, the Overseer General of Omega Power Ministries, Chibuzor Chinyere, gave them financial assistance. Caleb, the young man who created the popular video, received a scholarship. They also received job offers from the Special Assistant to the Governor of Delta State, Ossai Ovie Success.

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