Mom Became Friends With Semipro Football Player at Playground

  • I was a mother to 6 years old as a child and at 46 I did not like to exercise.
  • I recently became friends with a mid-career soccer player at the park.
  • Our lives are completely different, but we enjoy each other’s company when our children play.

The playground was almost empty In the afternoon we decided to go cycling together with my son. I was holding my newborn baby in both arms, but I had Epiphany: I could use my feet.

While the iron that my son was clinging to was excitedly gathered, a beautiful 3-year-old boy with The energy ran up, wanting to jump up. Her caregiver was just a few steps behind her, calling her name.

“Let me push,” he said, observing me balancing on one foot in a “young karate” -esque pose to move garden toys while holding a baby.

We started chatting and I found out that he was the father who lived in the house where his partner worked in administration at a private school. We talked about this, as parents often do in the playground when their children are playing.

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We find the opposite pole

In these situations, parents feel each other verbally – it’s almost like a soft interview to see if we can become friends. Sometimes I do not feel like making friends, but most of the time the Gemini dragon in me can not help it. I just want to be loved.

It’s no different than dating, except that when you are weighing the pros and cons of friendships with your child’s longtime friends, you are also considering them for your partner.

As we talked, the topic of health came up. We talked about gaining shape and nutrition, which is strange because he was slim and fit, and I was 3 months old after giving birth with diastasis recti, a condition in which your stomach muscles split after birth, which led to Obese, stubborn bellies and “piglets” that can be difficult to get rid of.

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Between telling our child to “put that old candy wrapper” and “use only good hands, please” we could talk and play, and I knew he was a mid-career footballer.

This is really interesting for me – I want to know people’s stories, but when did a 46-year-old mother go for a shoulder massage with a 24-year-old footballer?

He told me his story: He did not take football as much as he wished when he was in high school, even though he excelled and it could take him anywhere and now he is trying to communicate with him. His dream.

We became friends

We talked about the benefits of beets and other health tips and we connected. We plan for the day and tell each other where we live and our partners if they meet one day.

Meanwhile, his 3-year-old and my 6-year-old became good friends as they looked at each other. They are attracted to each other with high energy and desire to chase each other everywhere, they laugh and shout happily for all the little things. Almost no words, they will be as close as they are.

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While I wanted to sit at the back table in the fresh air and write, my friend wanted to slap another adult man and catch and play football. He told me that he exercises every day and is working hard, and I try to exercise as little as possible, but I have big dreams of gaining weight. My favorite exercise is walking while he is running. Somehow it works.

If you find yourself in the process of finding a friend, I suggest finding a place where you least expect to find them – that is where they are always.

Jessica Delfino is a multi-brand creator. She is a performer, creative director, social media creator, mother and host of “The Mom Report” on Pocono 96.7 FM.


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