List Of Industries On Linkedin

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List Of Industries On Linkedin

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Instead of sitting back and waiting for an algorithm to kick in and provide you with relevant recommendations, you can take an active initiative to differentiate yourself. Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of industry data.

With the above events, you now have the opportunity to connect with or follow industry leaders and professionals like you. It updates the latest interests, trends or concerns shared by many industry insiders.

You can collect and choose this information to guide your content creation, engagement tactics and conversation starters on and off the platform. Like all thought leaders, you now have the opportunity to add serious ideas to this content curation list and start conversations with people or even engage in positive comments on other writers’ posts.

This line of business includes firms that provide executive search, recruitment and placement services to clients with specific needs for executive and senior management positions, including developing a search strategy and job description based on the client’s culture and needs; research, identify, screen and interview candidates; verify applicant’s qualifications; and assist in the final offer negotiation and assimilation of the selected candidate.

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This industry includes entities that provide employees to client companies for a limited period of time to augment the client’s workforce.

This industry includes entities that create documents or resumes, edit documents or proofread, transcribe documents, and/or provide other writing and editing services.

This industry includes organizations that provide business support services, particularly contract or fee-based financing arrangements.

This industry includes establishments that provide travel agency services, organize or package tours, or provide other travel arrangement and reservation services.

Li By Industry

2. Selling security systems, such as burglar and fire alarms and locking devices, as well as installation, repair or monitoring services

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This industry includes entities that organise, promote and/or manage events, such as trade and fairs, conferences, conventions and meetings that are held on premises that they own and operate or own and being operated by others.

This sector includes institutions that provide teaching or training in various subjects from specialist institutions such as schools, colleges, universities and training centres.

This industry includes institutions that offer academic and related courses to provide basic education, typically kindergarten through 12th grade. Includes school boards and school districts.

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This industry includes institutions offering academic courses and scholarship degrees at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, where the entry requirement is at least a university degree or equivalent general academic preparation.

This industry includes institutions that provide training in office skills such as how to use software. This industry also includes institutions that offer short-term courses for vocational training. Computer repair training is not included in this field.

This sector includes organizations that provide vocational and technical training in various technical subjects and occupations, including flight schools and apprenticeships, but not office skills.

This industry focuses on the training of secretarial and administrative staff and includes institutions that offer courses in secretarial skills and other basic office skills.

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This industry includes companies that provide training in the cosmetic arts, such as hairdressing, hairdressing, or make-up or skin care.

This industry includes establishments that provide sports instruction to groups of individuals, such as camps and schools.

This sector includes institutions that provide instruction using electronic technologies, such as online education, online learning platforms, and live or recorded lectures. Education can be tuition-based or open to the public, accredited or non-accredited.

This industry includes organizations that provide social assistance related to health and wellness to individuals. It includes only medical care, health care and social care, as well as institutions that only provide social care. These agencies provide the services of trained professional doctors or social workers.

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This industry includes private medical practices that provide health care services directly or indirectly to outpatients. This industry does not include hospitals.

Requires a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or D.O. includes postgraduate medical staff. General or specialized medicine (eg anaesthetist, oncology, ophthalmology, psychiatry) or surgery (osteopathic doctor). Clinics and hospitals are not included in this category.

This field includes medical professionals with D.M.D. (Dentist), D.D.S. (Doctor of Dentistry) or D.D.Sc. General or specialized dentistry or dental surgery (dentist).

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This industry includes independent mental health professionals (other than physicians) who diagnose and treat mental, emotional and behavioral disorders and/or individual or group social dysfunction as a result of mental illness, alcohol and substance abuse, physical and emotional trauma or stress. They do private or group exercises in their own offices or in other people’s facilities (such as hospitals).

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2054: Physical, occupational and speech therapists (hospitals and healthcare > medical clinics > physical, occupational and speech therapists)

This industry includes independent physicians who provide physical therapy services to patients in need of preventive, health or wellness services. to plan and administer educational, recreational and social activities for patients or disabled persons with a view to restoring their physical or mental functioning or adapting to their disabilities; or diagnose and treat speech, language or hearing problems.

This industry includes independent health professionals (other than physicians; dentists; chiropractors; optometrists; mental health specialists; physical, occupational and speech therapists; audiologists and podiatrists), acupuncturists (other than medical or osteopathic physicians), hypnotherapists, homeopaths, and naturopaths. These practitioners conduct private or group exercises in their own offices or in other people’s facilities (such as hospitals).

This industry includes facilities where health workers provide outpatient family planning services, such as contraceptive services, genetic and prenatal counseling, voluntary sterilization, and termination of pregnancy for therapeutic and medical reasons.

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This industry includes facilities such as clinics or hospitals (excluding family planning centers and outpatient mental health and substance abuse centers) where health care providers provide general or specialized outpatient care. This industry includes centers or clinics of medical professionals with different degrees from more than one discipline working in the same facility.

This industry includes medical and diagnostic laboratories that provide analytical or diagnostic services, including body fluid analysis and diagnostic imaging, to patients, usually under the direction of a health care provider or physician.

This industry includes establishments that provide skilled home care services, including: personal care services; housekeeper and companion services; physiotherapy; medical social services; medication; support for medical equipment and supplies; information; 24 hour home care; occupational and occupational therapy; diet and nutrition services; speech therapy; audiology; and high-tech treatment such as IV therapy.

This industry includes facilities that provide various medical, diagnostic and treatment services to hospital patients, including physicians, nurses and other health care providers.

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This industry includes facilities that provide residential care, including nursing, supervision, or other care needed by residents.

This industry includes agencies that provide non-residential social assistance to children and young people, the elderly, the disabled, and all other individuals and families.

2122: Emergency and emergency services (hospitals and health care > Personal and family services > Emergency and emergency services)

This industry includes organizations that provide food, shelter, clothing, medical assistance, transportation, and counseling to victims of domestic or international disasters or conflicts (such as wars).

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This sector includes institutions that offer vocational rehabilitation or rehabilitation services, such as job counselling, work training and work experience for the unemployed and underemployed, the disabled and those in a weaker position on the labor market due to lack of education or work skills. or experience and/or education and employment for disabled people.

2128: Children’s day care services (hospitals and health care > individual and family services > children’s day care services)

This sector includes facilities that provide day care for infants or out-of-school children and may also offer preschool and/or kindergarten programs.

This industry includes entities that offer short-term emergency shelter, temporary housing, transitional housing, voluntary construction or low-cost housing renovation. food, shelter, clothing, medical assistance, resettlement and counseling for the poor or victims of domestic or international disasters or conflicts.

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2112: Services for the elderly and disabled (hospitals and health care > Public services > Services for the elderly and disabled)

This industry includes establishments that produce or organize and promote live performances featuring actors and actresses, singers, dancers, musical groups and artists, athletes and other entertainers, including independent (ie independent) entertainers and organizations that manage their careers. .

This industry includes organizations that produce live performances featuring actors and actresses, singers, dancers, musicians and musical groups, and other performers.

This applies to companies, groups or industries

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