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All press releases 20 Years of Light + Building: An engaging and ground-breaking event in lighting and connected building technology.

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Achieve more as a team Be the first to explore a new world and relive the charm of new discoveries. Lighting technology and building connectivity – Visionary network services Light + building brings them to life – 2020 in its twentieth year

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Anniversary, but the global sector is booming. Technology for lighting services and connected buildings is the catalyst of the 21st century.

Century “has the potential to guarantee efficiency, safety, comfort and health for most inhabitants of the world. This will greatly benefit the rapidly growing urban area,” said Wolfgang Marcin, President and CEO of Messe Frankfurt.

Light + Building celebrates its 20th anniversary: ​​an interesting and pioneering event in lighting and connected building technology / Source: Messe Frankfurt / Pietro Sutera

Therefore, Light + Building emphasizes both the link between the smart building service system and the influence of future lighting design. The response to global demand resulting from market expansion will be presented through the best themes at the world’s leading trade fair in Frankfurt am Main from 8 to 13 March 2020.

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‘Dynamic digitalisation’ is an overarching theme for all the major themes that support the annual exhibition’s claim in the category. In this way, Light + Building highlights the sometimes conflicting roles of energy producers and consumers. ‘Advanced Energy Management’ is managed using smart building automation. ‘Smart Urban’ also shows the current and future status of the smart e-district infrastructure. Comprehensive and efficient charging base ‘Advanced electronic charging infrastructure’ refers to this topic in Light + Building. Another important feature for industry and users is ‘Security and Connected Security’ Four thematic modules are assigned to the overall theme of ‘Connectivity’

Meanwhile the main topic of ‘Pioneers’ covers areas with high potential. For example, ‘X is a service’, for example ‘X’ refers to a specific product such as lighting or security. ‘Pioneer care’ is also a pioneering task so that indoor electronic installations can be monitored with sensors and sophisticated software before ‘Digital Twin – PIM’ performance loss or failure occurs. It is not only an interface for all players involved in the integration.

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Currently, the design is not used to refer only to the shape or form of the lamp. Technical specifications are no less important. Especially when it comes to connectivity, the main theme of “glamour” at Light + Building 2020 emphasizes the key attributes of futuristic lighting and fixture design. ‘functional aesthetics’ describes a large-scale trend without decoration, focusing on the need for light in various situations. meanwhile, ‘Classic Authenticity’ evokes emotions at different times. The connection between the past and the future stems from The ‘historical boom’ revolves around modern references to old designs from the past. Modern lifestyles and working methods are the subject of the theme module ‘Future Focus’, which provides suitable lighting for subjects such as a breakfast table or a collaborative office. where flexible lighting concepts can be of great help.

The global product range and distinctive style are complemented by well-known and comprehensive additions. Light + Building is of great interest to commercial target groups. from architects, designers, retailers and craftsmen. for industrialists, engineers, interior designers and planners.

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At the 2018 edition of the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and connected building services, 2,719 exhibitors and 220,864 visitors gathered to develop and build connections. Discover the latest innovations and discuss points of view 70 percent of the international companies offer products and 52 percent of the visitors come from countries outside Germany. After Germany, China, Italy, Holland, France, Great Britain. Switzerland and Belgium were the best visitors.

The shining example will be set during Luminale’s Light + Building anniversary, a light festival from March 12 to 15 with approximately 250,000 visitors, one of the largest in the Rhine-Main region of Germany Luminale Founded by Messe Frankfurt in 2002 and widely supported by Frankfurt, Luminale is a festival of urban lighting and design. Interesting, futuristic and creative center at the interface between art, technology and urbanism.

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The Light + Building family currently hosts 15 events worldwide – Argentina, China, India, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

Messe Frankfurt is the world’s largest organizer of fairs, conferences and events. with its own showroom With more than 2,500* employees spread over 30 locations, the company has an annual turnover of 715* million euros thanks to its broad ties to relevant sectors and an international sales network. Therefore, the group can effectively look after the customers’ business interests. A wide range of services – both on-site and online – ensures that customers around the world benefit from a consistently high level of quality and flexibility in planning, managing and running their operations. A wide range of services includes the rental of showrooms. Building trade fairs and marketing Personnel and catering services Headquartered in Frankfurt/Main, the company is owned by Frankfurt (60 percent) and Hesse (40 percent). “Young Design” at Light + Building offers young designers opportunities. Present their work for the first time to a special international audience

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Young designers who want a stage at Light + Building Frankfurt/Main Upcoming: The world’s leading exhibition of lighting and building technology From 18 to 23 March 2018, the opportunity for young designers to showcase their lamps internationally. A special guest in Hall 1.1 The only condition is that the design has not yet been sold and the designer is under 35 to start a career. as an added bonus Beginners can use the display stand for free.

In 2010, Markus Bischoff presented his “T1” LED luminaire in the “Young Design” category at Light + Building, which laid the foundation for the founding of the “Design Bureau” in Nuremberg. “The fair has been a very important experience for me in many ways,” he says, a carpenter trained in product design. He interacted with more than 300 experts and met many young designers. “This separation is an emotional bond for young people and can lead to long-lasting friendships beyond work,” he concluded. After he attended the fair, the “Sigma” LED lamp was a production. Markus Bischoff’s first collection, which he soon won the “Red Dot Design Award”.

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Easy digitization is a growing topic among newcomers, but Markus Bischoff has something important today. In the era of his first design When designing a fantastic lamp: “For all digitization and optimization. What products do you need to preserve the original contents of the floating lights when not in use? I always think about the question – is it still affecting?” said the designer. Although the 37-year-old group’s products include furniture and interior design in addition to lamps, Light + Building remains the benchmark: “The subject of light has always fascinated me and will always be an integral part of my company’s DNA.”

The perfect start: “The fair was a very important experience for me in many ways,” says Markus Bischoff.

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In 2010, Markus Bischoff presented his “T1” LED lamp in the “Young Design” category at Light + Building – his “Design Bureau” was established in Nuremberg.

From 18 to 23 March 2018, Light + Building gives young designers the opportunity to showcase their lamps to an audience of international experts.

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Light + Building 2018 Smart and Secure 25/1/2018 Light + Building in Frankfurt/Main It will showcase international innovations in lighting technology and building services. From 18 to 23 March

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