Lake Toho Fish Camp

Lake Toho Fish Camp – Find out everything you need to know about bass fishing on Lake Tohopecaliga, known to Florida locals as Lake Tohoe, located in Kissimmee.

Lake Toho, also known as Toho or West Lake, is a 22,700-acre body of water four miles long and 42 miles long. Its nickname helps distinguish it from its neighboring lake, Lake Tohopecaliga, the three-mile-long Canal 31 or Canal St. Cloud and Lakes Toho.

Lake Toho Fish Camp

Bounded by the city of Kissimmee on the north shore and Kissimmee Park on the east shore, the lake has many visitors each year who come to check out the excellent bird watching and bass fishing opportunities.

Richardson’s Fish Camp (private)

It’s a theme that runs throughout the state, as Florida is known for its excellent fishing opportunities for residents and tourists alike.

Less than half an hour from Disney World and Orlando, LakeThopekaliga is the perfect day trip on your way to discover the fun theme parks our state has to offer.

If you want to stay overnight, there is an off-site campground with RV hookups. Known as Lake Toho RV Resort, you’ll find it on the eastern shore of Lake Tohopecaliga in South Kissimmee. Inside the campground, you’ll have quick access to boat racks, boat docks, and a bait and tackle store.

The lake is only 25 minutes from the city of Kissimmee and an hour from the Lake Marion Wildlife Management Area and offers excellent hunting opportunities for deer, migratory birds and grouse depending on the season.

An Angler’s Guide To Fishing The Kissimmee Chain Of Lakes

If you want to spend a lot of time on the water, Lektohopekaliga is ideal. There are two fishing camps, a marina, four public boat ramps and county parks all around the lake for those who wish to use the area.

Around the lake, you’ll find several spots known to insiders as bass dens. These include North Steer Beach, Goblet Cove and Brown Point. There are eight types of artificial fish attractors that ensure a solid concentration in the deeper parts of the lake during the summer.

When the currents of these tributaries are strong enough, you can also find excellent fishing opportunities along Shingle Creek and St. Cloud Channel.

If you feel like being on the water, feel free to bring your own canoe, kayak or fishing boat. You have easy access to the boat launch ramp. You can even fish from shore or hire a Toho fishing guide for a hands-on lesson!

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About Lake Tohopekaliga

As one of the most popular lakes in the country, it’s no surprise that the Lactohopecaliga is home to some of the best bass fishing tournaments in the country.

There’s a reason why America’s best bass anglers flock to this area of ​​Florida every year to try and get their hands on the trophy. According to Bassmaster Magazine, which recently recognized Lectohopecaliga as one of the top 25 bass lakes in the Southeast, it may be “the most stable lake in the Sunshine State” and is known for its abundance of big fish!

In fact, in 2004 Bassmaster Elite Seriespro Dean Rojas broke the BASSAnglers Sportsmans Society Sport (B.A.S.S) record. Totaling 45 pounds and two ounces, the five fish set an unprecedented new record today.

As for the official lake record, Capt. Ed Chauchey holds one for the largest bass. Chauncey weighed 16 pounds, 10 ounces.

Lake Tohopekaliga Fishing Guide

In addition, the world record for the largest female sea bass caught was also held at Lake Toho. It weighs 14 pounds and five ounces.

Although catfish may be its calling card, you can find a variety of fish in and around Lake Topicalaga.

The channel is known for its healthy and thriving populations of catfish, black heron, spotted sunfish, red sunfish, warm, chain heron, blue heron and long-billed heron.

One of the reasons why such a wide variety of fish like this water is its extensive vegetation. It doesn’t take long to notice that the lake has a dense population of hydralin-specific areas. Although bass fishing is often concentrated in this area, it can be difficult to find fish among the vegetation!

Ash And Bechard Win Xtreme Bass Series Central Florida Division Tourney

When visiting, keep in mind that you can find hydrilla in all stages of the lake. Start by finding plants that look alive, often filled with candles and birds! To help clear the water in these areas, use moving baits such as gillnets, swimbaits or lipless lures.

As long as you pay attention to the concentration of the bass, you can slow down your efforts and enjoy the game.

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Over time, you will discover conditions and environments that are more conducive to bass than others. You may find that the fish are hit points or pockets. Other times they hit from below.

The lectohopecaliga is not particularly deep. In fact, it is one of the shallowest lakes in the region. As such, its habitat is more exposed to the weather than those that live deeper in the water.

Rv Camping Near Seaworld In Orlando, Florida

If you fish there during the spring season, which runs from December to April, you’ll have the best chance of using scraps as bait. Try placing the anchor a few feet away from cover crops.

If you prefer artificial lures, we recommend sticking to lipless lures, swimbaits and plastic crawlers. Especially if you’re new to the industry, it’s easy to start in areas that have already been eliminated. In this case, you should stay near Walleye’s Landing, Brown’s Point inland, and Goblet Cove.

As the weather warms and summer approaches, the water level around Lake Toho begins to drop, with the most noticeable changes occurring in June.

During this period, most of the bass population migrates to those shallow areas and vines or hydrillas that characterize the lake. Some of the best spots for summer fishing include Lanier Point, Brown Point and Big Grass Island. In addition, the north shore of the lake is lined with tall weeds that allow for a large number of bass bites.

Fishing In Kissimmee Fl

In addition to weather and climate, your success will be influenced by the day you choose to fish.

Do you like cutting early in the morning? If so, it’s best to include underwater baits, lipless baits, wading pools, etc. Dayhorns may find more success with live worms or crab-type baits thrown over thick vegetation.

Before you head out for some great fishing on Lake Tohopekaliga, don’t forget to pack your Florida fishing license! You can order recreation from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) here.

Even if you’re fishing in all weathers, it pays to be prepared. Check the forecast before departure. If it’s hot and sunny, sunscreen, a hat and a pair of polarized sunglasses. If it looks like rain is on the horizon, be sure to pack rain boots and a quality umbrella. jacket

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East Lake Fish Camp (kissimmee)

In fact, pack sturdy shoes, even when the sun is shining. You can explore Chicken Lake by sneaker boat or rowboat, and the canyons take you into the water with ease.

If you are camping, pack a backpack with all your personal items, including any medications you may need. You’ll also need lots of insect repellent!

In addition to fishing rods, bait and lures, you must bring a camera or smartphone on land.

Lectohopekaliga Boating can be found at Big Toho Marina located at 69 Lakeview Drive, Kissimmee, FL 34741.

Fishing Lake Tohopekaliga In Fl

Grand Toho Marina is located in historic downtown Kissimmee on the north side of the lake. 69 Lakeview Drive, Kissimmee, FL 34741. This marina is also known for its delicious burgers, grilled daily. You’ll also find a full line of lures and tackle.

Fish in Knoxville, TN and open as a local tournament. I have a passion for fishing and am lucky enough to go out almost every week. Follow along as I ask the experts how they nail patterns and fish cups to perfection. Want to escape the busy streets of Orlando and experience some of its most precious natural resources? You are in the right place, Lake Tohoe is the first largest lake in the state and our Orlando bass fishing guides are full time fishing guides. Our Lake Toho guided fishing tours start at just $225, so rest assured you’re getting great bang for your buck! More information on our prices and information page. We specialize in trophy fishing in Florida and Orlando’s famous Lake Tohopecaliga or “Toho” as the lake is called. Lake Toho is close to Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios and the Orlando Convention Center. One of the most beautiful lakes in the country with our guide to bass fishing in Orlando, Florida. Few other lakes in the country can compete with Lake Toho’s production of trophy-sized humpbacks. You want proof?

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