Judge Judy claims Justin Bieber is ‘scared to death’ of her, avoided her when they were neighbors

Judge Judy says Justin Bieber is “scared to death” of her.

Bieber and the TV judge were neighbors during “Baby” ‘s early days.

“He was scared I would die,” Judge Judy told Access Hollywood. “There was a time before he grew up – when he was stupid and did stupid things.”

Judge Judy ruled that Bieber’s security guards would notify the musician when she arrived or left her home.

Judge Judy has ruled that Justin Bieber is "Scared to death" Of her in a new interview.

Judge Judy revealed that Justin Bieber was “scared to death” in a new interview.
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JUSTIN BIEBER Caught With His Pants Falling At SWANKY LOS ANGELES Golf Club

“I must have said that and I think he paid you to come forward,” she added. Let them know when I go and I will go so he does not have to come and beat me.

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Judge Judy spoke publicly about Bieber’s actions after the pop star was arrested for DUI in 2014 at the age of 19. The pop star drove a Lamborghini in Miami and was later charged with driving under the influence. Arrest and drive with license suspended.

Judge Judy told CBS Los Angeles at the time, “Becoming a celebrity is a gift.” You can treat it with respect, or you can fool people out of yourself. “And he is doing a very good job of getting the idiot out of himself.”

Judge Judy has ruled that Justin Bieber's security guard will notify the pop star when she arrives or leaves her home.

Judge Judy has ruled that Justin Bieber’s security guard will notify the pop star when she arrives or leaves her home.
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JUSTIN BIEBER Reflects on His 2014 Arrest: ‘God Has Taken Me A Long Way’

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“I think it’s sad and no one remembers him as a singer,” she said. No, but they will miss a child who has every opportunity and who acts like a fool. “

The “ghost” singer pleaded guilty to reckless driving and escaping from prison. He also donated to a charity and agreed to attend a anger management class.

Bieber recently reflected on his arrest in an Instagram post.

“Seven years ago, today I was arrested, not my best time,” he wrote in a 2021 post. “I am not proud of where I am in my life. I am hurt, unhappy, confused, angry, delusional, misunderstood and angry. God.

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“All this to say that God has taken me a long way,” Bieber added. “From then until now I know something … God is as close to me as He is now. My encouragement to you is to let your past be a reminder of how far God has come. Bring you. Do not let shame destroy your ‘today’, let the forgiveness of Jesus take its place and watch your life grow into all that God has designed you to be. “

The musician has continued his life and is now married to model Hailey Bieber.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber were married in 2018.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber were married in 2018.
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