iOS 16.1.2 Update: Every New iPhone Feature We Know and How to Get It

If you want the latest software on your iPhone — to take full advantage of new features and bug fixes — you won’t want to miss iOS 16.1.2, the newest version. Apple mobile software that appeared this week.

The latest version of iOS brings some security fixes, better wireless provider compatibility, and improvements accident detection for iPhone 14 series. Apple has yet to confirm details of security updates and software patches, but says it will share more information soon. Users are expected to see improved performance and connectivity with certain wireless carriers.

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There was a car accident detection feature to automatically report potential car accidents reported dial 911 during the reels. Some users reported that car crash detection was also activated while skiing, reports KSL. Apple didn’t say whether this update specifically fixed this bug.

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(Yes, if you’re keeping track, this latest iPhone update is coming in three weeks iOS 16.1.1 was released and more than a month later iOS 16.1.)

Get iOS 16.1.2 for iPhone now

Release Notes for iOS 16.1.2.

Screenshot by Zach McAuliffe/CNET

If your iPhone doesn’t prompt you to update to the latest software version, you can download the new iOS 16.1.2 yourself.

1. Open Parameters.

2. tap on General.

3. tap on Software update.

4. tap on Download and install and follow the on-screen instructions

A bigger iOS 16.2 update for iPhone is on the horizon

iPhone software updates are still going strong. In the near future, Apple plans to release the larger 16.2 update, which is still in beta mode.

With iOS 16.2, iPhone owners can see the black background of the phone always-on display. During iOS 16.2 beta testing, we were able to access turn off the wallpaper with a few clicks.

Released by Apple iOS 16.2 beta version three in recent months. These betas also added sleep and medicine widgets to the home screen, as well as tweaks to Live actions. It’s unclear whether these features will be included in the iOS 16.2 release, but we’ll be keeping a close eye and reporting any new features that make an appearance.

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