Gummy Candy Fish

Gummy Candy Fish – The first time I went to Sweden, I expected to be astounded by natural beauty, lost in history and betrayed by meatballs – and the scenery made me imagine blue and endless skies and water – it’s candy. that really won me over.

“How can you cross the Atlantic just to enjoy candy?” you ask yourself. It’s very easy. First of all, every grocery store has one or three aisles dedicated to candy, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than flipping through grocery stores while traveling. Foodies, bear with me: Nothing says vacation like a trip down five roads.

Gummy Candy Fish

Supermarkets in Sweden have large bags of candy that are easy to get, but what I find interesting are the miles of large bags of candy. They have every Swedish candy imaginable — allowing you to create your perfect candy combination. Mine consisted of chocolate, very salty licorice, sweet almonds, raspberries and lots of gum. (Don’t ask.)

Assorted Swedish Fish

Here are some of the best I’ve come across. Luckily, most of them are available on Amazon, so you don’t have to leave the continent to buy them.

The little monkeys are about the size of my pinky fingernail, but bite to get them all out. Their flavor is reminiscent of cherries – but after eating them, you’ve forgotten what they really are.

Hard on the outside and soft in the middle, each of these flavors has the same delicious fruity flavor as the carnival candy it mimics. Bags of Tutti Frutti gum can run out quickly, so buy two.

Is chewing gum’s worst nightmare. I say this because these cones are irresistible and covered with a satisfying layer of sugar. Crunchy and chewy: What’s not to love? But you don’t just want to eat a handful, you want to play with them – which IMHO gives you.

Assorted Candy (32 Oz) Of Gummy Bears, Skittles, Starburst, Swedish Fish, Twizzlers, Airheads, Sour Patch, For Snacks

—Or a great sourness — sweet as the name implies. Each disc is thin, but carries a large tang beam. (Our webmaster can handle it.) Unlike other candies, these are harder, so you’re forced to eat the whole candy in one sitting (not that I’m complaining. ).

Gott & Blandat is a classic Swedish mixed bag filled with tuna (a Swedish fish with raw eyes), lightly salted licorice, and wild berries. As far as I know, wild berries are the tastiest of the bunch — they stick to your teeth in a “I want another bite”.

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Dumles may not be pliable, but they are tough. These candies are covered with dark chocolate or milk chocolate – then covered with sweet caramel or licorice. If I could eat this for breakfast, I would.

Wherever you turn. To be honest, it’s hard for me to form an opinion on these sweets because I didn’t grow up eating them: Their tiny shape and weird herbal flavor (read: soap). room) is too strong for the American palette. That said, once you taste them, all you want is more.

Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears & Fish

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The sweet fish comes in a transparent bag with the name of the product written in yellow letters and a red paper label on the top that also has an image of a blue fish and chalk green life on them. . The candy itself comes in purple, magenta, lime green, yellow, and orange.

Kiss My Keto, Fish Friends Gummy Candy, Berry, 6 Bags, 1.76 Oz ( 50 G) Each

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Red Band The Original Swedish Fish Gummy Candy 100g

Marshmallows look like fish. Several fish shaped candies are arranged in a blue circle and contrast between them.

Blue fish and white fish and fish. Random green and white background to use as background

Green grass and white fish. Alternating lines of sweet green and white background

Cute Gummy candy circle. Colorful fish with many colors like candy yellow, pink, orange, red and green

Candy Fish Key Ring / Magnet By Cospacegirl

Crispy chocolate and sweet and marbled backing. Close-up of chocolate and marshmallows in a star-shaped bowl on a marble background with copy space; useful for holiday

Colorful soft sweet fish with green, red, orange and yellow on white background. Colorful sweet and juicy fish in blue, red, orange and yellow

High-quality rubber shoes at home. The board is full of red blood. Traditional crafts. On the market

Bear meat, worm, shark. A collection of marshmallows. Includes bears, sharks, fish and worms. Performed in Houston, TX July 2015

Swedish Candy Fish

Children’s cute fish in the shape of a fish. Red sweet fish shaped like a fish

Tough as a fish

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