G7 Wired Controller for Xbox & PC

G7 wired controller

If you are looking for a responsive wired controller it can be used in both Xbox and PC You might be interested in GameSir’s latest controller. The G7 officially licensed wired controller Made for Xbox There are interchangeable faceplates depending on the selected game system. Equipped with an optimization algorithm that offers 0 Vibration, 0 Deviation and 0 Circular Error, the joysticks provide 360° smooth point control. The G7 controller is compatible with: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows 10/11 computers and can be purchased for $45 £50 or €60.

“The G7 controller delivers high speed and ultra-low input lag for a smooth gaming experience. The voice frequency is 265 Hz, with an input lag of less than 0.004 seconds, which makes every step smoother and allows users to dominate the battlefield. Using the fully customizable GameSir Nexus software, you can customize button mapping, adjust D-pad diagonal, adjust stick and trigger areas, configure vibration levels, and more. allows you to create controller profiles using Up to 3 profiles can be created, which is perfect for those who want a unique experience for each game, and allows you to quickly switch to Hair Trigger mode, ideal for FPS and action games.

replaceable surface plates

G7 wired controller

“Hyper-realistic and hyper-responsive, the G7 is packed with impressive features. With GameSir’s precision-tuned Hall Effect analog triggers, the G7 delivers best-in-class consistent smoothness and precision, responding to even the slightest fingertip adjustments thanks to advanced Hall Effect technology, whether you need precise linear control or peak response.

Four roaring motors also create an immersive gaming experience, as 2 motors in the grips provide strong and subtle vibrations, while 2 motors behind the triggers provide vibration feedback to the fingertips to reflect every element of gameplay, from hits, engine rumbles or running across surfaces. .”

“For high-end gaming, the G7 comes with two additional back buttons that allow you to quickly map valuable in-game actions, even in the middle of a game. This can be programmed without software and used immediately (Matchable buttons: A/B/X/Y/LB/RB/LT/RT/L3/R3/D-pad/Menu/Xbox/View button). Textured grips on each bumper and trigger are non-slip to keep fingers in place even during quick actions, as well as providing comfort for long gaming sessions.

Source: TPU: GameSir

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