Capcom Pro Tour Online 2022 North America East live stream ft. iDom, Punk, NuckleDu, Kudo, Shine, Smug, Arturo Sanchez, SpaceBoy, Kami and more

renew: This story has been updated with Day 1 results.

The final Capcom Pro Tour Online qualifier will take place this weekend in NA East.

Well-known players include XSET|iDom, PG|Punk, NuckleDu, Kudo, END|Shine, Smug, BC|Arturo Sanchez, JxK|SpaceBoy, UYU|Kami, LVD|MaiLyn, MetroM, GG|FluxWaveZ and many more.

The eligible states and provinces for this competition are Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.

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Fewer than 100 players have signed up for this competitive region, so you know the road to victory will be tough, but eventually one player will emerge victorious and secure a coveted Capcom Cup qualifier spot.

As usual, the live stream won’t start until Top 16, but until then, you can follow the brackets at Start GG.

Streaming is taking place on Capcom Fighters.

winner group
Zonk (Cody) vs. UYU|Kami (Luke)
END|Shine (Cody, Lucia) vs. JxK|SpaceBoy (Luke, Sakura)

loser group
PG|Punk (Luke) vs. Zn|D3adEyeArtistz (Juri)
NuckleDu (G, Guile) vs. Smug (G, Balrog)

9. Lil’ Evil (Luke)
9. Ultimate WPN (Balrog)
9. XSET|iDom (Poison, Laura)
9. Jippdaboss (Alex)
13. TLT|ItachisLegacy (Blanca, Ibuki)
13. LVD|MaiLyn (Laura)
13. BC|Arturo Sanchez (Dalcim)
13. 1WayToGodJesus (The Balrog)

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17. THG|Ogyawn (Laura)
17. Melbu (Laura)
17. Rompepollo (Falke)
17. ZN|Eldergoose (rose)
17. iDrop (Karin)
17. TwoToneRod
17. ZisNuts (Luke, Ken)
17. Vasiliek (FANG)

25. CubanoFL (Ken)
25. Kudo (Chun Li)
25. CatsNamedFlash (Ryu, Karin)
25. Plath (E. Honda)
25. MetroM (Vega)
25. PRBlackKnight (Oro)
25. Casteno (R. Mika)
25. Sugar Free Hands (Alex)

• ZN|D3adEyeArtistz (Juri) defeated Jippdaboss (Alex) 2-1.

• PG|Punk (Luke) eliminated XSET|iDom (Laura, Poison) 2-0.

• Smug (G) eliminated Ultimate WPN (Balrog) 2-0.

• NuckleDu (G) eliminated Lil’ Evil (Luke) 2-0.

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• Jippdaboss (Alex) eliminated 1WayToGodJesus (Balrog) 2-1.

• PG|Punk (Luke) eliminated BC|Arturo Sanchez (Dhalsim) 2-1.

• Smug (G) eliminated LVD|MaiLyn (Laura) 2-1.

• NuckleDu (G) eliminated TLT||ItachisLegacy (Blanka) 2-0.

• JxK|SpaceBoy (Luke) defeated Lil’ Evil (Luke) 2-0.

• END|Shine (Cody) defeated Ultimate WPN (Balrog) 2-0.

• UYU|Kami (Luke) defeated XSET|iDom (Poison) 2-1.

• Zonk (Cody) defeated Zn|D3adEyeArtistz (Juri) 2-1.

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Saturday 3 December
Noon – game starts
5:00pm — Top 16 starts

Sunday 4th December
5:00pm — Top 8 start

All times listed are US Eastern Time.

time zone conversion:
PDT: Subtract 3 hours.
UTC: Add 5 hours.
CET: Add 6 hours.
JST: Add 14 hours.


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