Build My Own Mini Cooper

Build My Own Mini Cooper – Walking through the exhibition halls, there are rare moments when a car stops you completely and pulls you over to take a closer look. Jayme Hill’s Mini is one such dealer Make no mistake, the more time you spend looking at the finer details of this amazing build, the better it will be.

I talked to a lot of people during my day at Dubbed last month, and most of those conversations had one thing in common – the question of whether or not I’d seen it.

Build My Own Mini Cooper

Having followed builds online for years, I knew the Mini was going to be something special when it finally showed up. Knowing the build would attract constant attention at the show, I booked an appointment with Jamie and his car for the Friday night show so I could photograph the object.

South Shore Mini

Let’s start with the exterior, where this late 2000 Rover Mini has been made to look like a 1960s Mk1. Key to this transformation are the original car’s small taillights, the iconic original grille and a set of sliding windows.

Side spoilers have been cut from the front fenders to improve the clean look and the wipers now sit on Evans Motorsport heated screens, the wiper motor has been relocated and works to free up more space from the Land Rover Defender. Inside the engine compartment Complex wing mirrors are classic Mini Racing Expert Swift

Exterior features include custom arches that carry 13-by-7.5-inch Force Racing three-piece wheels with billet aluminum centers, all covered in Nankong AR-1 half-slats.

James’ intention for his Mini is for “road” use, but in reality it’s capable on the track, sprint or hill. This is evident inside the car, where opening the deceptively thin doors reveals a competition-class interior.

Is A Mini Cooper A Good First Car?

Highlights here include a Wishart Motorsport Fabrication welded roll cage made to National Rally spec and Cobra Monaco seats embroidered with Jaime’s personal JH logo. The end of the custom steering column also features a Momo wheel, an open KAD shifter, and a Wilwood pedal box. Decorated in a classic vinyl color, the door cards feature blank handles and trim.

Despite the classic looks and styling of this Mini from the outside, James has added the latest technology to it, showing once again how a project can evolve over a long build period. Using fully custom GNE Motorsport wiring, the DTAFast engine management system sends information to the AiM PDM unit hidden under the dash and relayed to the driver via the AiM digital display. The transmission tunnel houses a 12-button CAN pad that controls many of the car’s main functions.

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– Its engine Completely uncluttered and only the necessary auxiliary equipment in the bay, James and his brother do it at home in their Potato Bread Building (PBA) shed.

The engine at its heart is one of the most impressive characters I’ve read in a long time The headlines in the Mini world are quite impressive: 1380 cc, twin cam, 16 valve.

Are Mini Coopers All Wheel Drive?

Built by CC Mini in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, this powerhouse is the stuff of A Series dreams. Starting with the 1275cc Rover mill – just like the car was new – it’s expanded to around 1400cc thanks to 73.5mm forged pistons. The block also features a custom race crankshaft, steel connecting rods, ACL bearings and RP mounts.

Up top, the BMW K1100 dual-cam 16-valve cylinder has been matched to the A-series block and has been fully ported and polished for increased performance. If that wasn’t enough, the bike’s individual throttles have been relocated and now breathe through an ITB foam filter.

The attention to detail in the engine department is endless Engine mounts are machined from billet aluminum, while the PBA logo is embedded into the top of the oil pan.

In full form, the hybrid engine is much longer than the original A-series, but thanks to a clever re-engineering of the front sub-frame sits below the normal hood profile.

Mini Uk: The Official Website

Power is sent to the front wheels via the Mini’s original 4-speed gearbox, although this gearbox has been greatly improved with a straight-cut gearbox, MG Metro Turbo final drive and a Quaif limited-slip differential. The combo also features a MED gearbox, billet flywheel and AP Racing clutch.

Getting the power is one thing but being able to actually use it is another But Jay certainly has that side of things The build was based on the best parts from well known suppliers in the Mini Competition world and why you’ll find Protec shock absorbers at all four corners and KAD control arms , classic Minis Japan. Ball joint and Owens Motorsport ball joint dropper Behind the wheels is a KAD disc brake setup and extended drums at the rear

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Jaime Hill’s mini-like construction reminds us how good a simple idea can be with time and patience. Taking a lot of historical style and mixing it with modern techniques, I think you’ll agree that the result is nothing short of amazing. I can’t help feeling a little clearer As pleasant as it sounds to you or me, it’s 6am It’s Monday morning and the flats above Brighton’s Northern Line are being woken up by the sound of an A-series racing engine. I arrive at our first location on the corner of Sydney Street and Trafalgar and quickly close it. The sun hasn’t fully risen yet, and apart from the bean men’s hostel, this picturesque seaside town is now completely silent. Coffee time

If you’re British, the classic Mini is as much a part of our collective cultural history as the Royal Family, James Bond or The Beatles. It is a source of great pride and appreciation, and its significance is felt by all, though not fully understood. Mini is the archetype A true icon and forerunner of modern compact car design, and in the hands of the World Cup-winning Formula 1 team, the Cooper S arguably became the original hot car – and a bloody good race car that punched above its weight. .

Mini Jcw Gp #0001 Delivered To Brand’s ‘number One Fan’

I’ve always been a big car fan, but the 70’s Mini was always at the top of the owner’s list About ten years ago I sold my 1968 BMW 2002 and was looking for another classic to drive on a daily basis. I went with the first generation Mini because parts were cheap and readily available and if I wanted more performance there were options – with over 50 years of competition there was definitely tuning and support. I found a good example in Scotland but lost it in just a day So I did what you shouldn’t do when buying a car and bought the next one I saw Again I should have waited but despite that I drive every day my Mini to and from work and loved every minute of it.

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After a year of ownership, I decided to investigate a crack in the floor after a heavy commute from the office. After turning with a screwdriver, I found that there was almost nothing supporting the front subframe. All that remained of the front floor and crossmembers was a thin layer and a few pieces of iron oxide Major surgery was inevitable The plan was to remove the engine and subframe, weld new floors, repair the crossmembers and get the car back on the road. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. Like many car projects, it moved on and eight years later I ended up building the car you see here

Professional involvement in historic motorsport made me decide to build an FIA legal racing car. Standing in the rain at Goodwood and seeing the little Mini Cooper S take off and start pushing the big block V8 Ford Galaxy is exhilarating and the kind of sight that makes driving feel new again. I’ve always wanted to race, so what better way to restore my Mini and build it into my own race car?

I have long felt that many of the “historical” race cars produced today do not employ the proper “historical” aesthetic. While I wanted to incorporate all the latest engineering improvements available, I also wanted to make sure it looked like a race car that could have been built in the 1960s. The design was inspired by the endurance racers of the early 1960s, especially Aston Martin prototypes such as the DP212 and 214. When I learned that the Mini Cooper S ran the 1000km Nürburgring circuit in 1963, my imagination ran wild. I never found a photo of this car, but looking at the Aston Martin endurance prototype gave me an idea to support the aesthetics of my car.

A Twin Cam Mini Seven Years In The Making

The same color Aston Martin California Sage Green is used for the exterior

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