Bold & Beautiful Recap: Taylor Must Decide Whether to Stop Her Wedding to Ridge

In Douglas Taylor’s bedroom do not understand what is happening, but nothing will be destroyed today. Thomas assures her that he and Steffy will be concerned about their little things and that she can focus on her special day. Steffy snapped “Try Thomas, but Mom needs to know what you did.” Taylor looked disappointed and worried.

In Forrester’s living room, Li tells Ridge and others that Douglas still seems a bit surrendered. Ridge says it’s not like him. Finn offers to go check on him and Eric thinks he might be overwhelmed. Li noted it was a big day – especially for Ridge. He looks thoughtful.

At Brooke’s place, Donna and Katie assure Brooke that they will go through this awful day together and tell her how much they love her. The knock came and Brooke nodded – she was not expecting anyone. She walked over to open it and exclaimed, “Daddy!” Stephen with his girlfriend Lucy surprised her while Donna and Katie gawp in a pleasant surprise.
Donna Brooke Stephen Lucy B&B

Stephen and Lucy hug Donna and Katie excitedly to meet their girlfriends face to face. Lucy explains that they are going through and Stephen wants to surprise their visit. They’re excited about Hope’s fashion look, and Lucy says Forresters and Logans are an unstoppable team. The girls’ faces fell and Stephen asked to be picked up quickly. Brooke revealed that Ridge is marrying Taylor today.
Katie Donna Brooke Stephen B&B

At Forrester Estate, Ridge thanks Carter for agreeing to be an official, and Li assumes the wedding will begin soon. Eric muses “Not without a bride …”

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Upstairs, Thomas and Stephie argue as he urges her to leave it at that and leave their mom and dad happy. Steffy bluntly said, “Brooke never called child protection services like Thomas did!” Taylor was surprised.

At Brooke’s place, she tells Stephen that she does not trust Thomas, who has not hidden his feelings for her, and that he wants her out of Ridge’s life. “And we are here!” Stephen felt that Ridge should give her the benefit of the doubt and told her what was going on before running back to Taylor, “I mean, what the hell?” He wants to help him more. Brooke guarantees that just being there and having support is enough. They embrace and show their love.
Brooke Stephen Lucy B&B

At Forrester Palace, Carter noticed Ridge looking out the window. He tells her he wants her to be happy. Ridge snaps “me”. Carter accepts this and assures him that he is there to support and mediate. They join with others wondering what is holding Taylor. Li says she was almost ready to see her. The emotional Carter figure is soaring for Steffy and Thomas.

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Upstairs, Steffy will not allow her parents to marry without knowing the truth. She knew they were in love, but Brooke did not call CPS. Thomas tells Steffy this is a bad idea. Steffy explains to Taylor that Douglas has a voice changer on his phone and acts as part of a Brooke call for her. She then played the call again in Thomas’ voice. He told his mother it was not what it seemed. “Tell me now!” Taylor exclaimed. Thomas says well, “I called CPS.” Taylor sighed, “Oh my God!” Thomas argues that it does not matter – look where they are now. He quit his job and Brooke lost his life. Their mother is about to marry their father. Steffy complained that they could not base their marriage on lies. “Dad must know the truth!”
Steffy Real B&B

At Brooke’s place, they all try to understand that Ridge is marrying Taylor again. Stephen wonders what happened to make Ridge shut her like this. Brooke does not know, but she thinks Thomas has more to do with it. Donna explains that he also does not try to hide his contempt for Brooke. Katie added that it was a non-stop campaign from Steffy and Thomas, although Steffy had a line she would not cross or hear Thomas not much. Brooke was shocked that Thomas had come between Ridge and her and now he was away from marrying another woman.

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In Forrester Finn’s living room reports that Steffy, Thomas and Taylor are all in the same room. He did not want to knock. Ridge nods, “Give them time.”

In the upstairs room, Steffy tells her mother that she wants her to marry Ridge, but not to start their life together based on a lie. Taylor breathes as fast as Steffy hollers that Ridge thinks Brooke calls CPS, and that’s a lie. She pointed to Thomas, “It’s you!” Thomas wonders why she decided to blow up this story? She wants their parents to be together for many years and should thank him! Taylor exclaimed, “Thank you?!? Thomas, do you know what you did? Why did you do this?!? What happened to you? You organized the whole situation. I think you have changed! ”
Taylor removes B&B

Thomas moved; He just did this for their family. Brooke blew up and destroyed their family for years and he got sick. He sees the look Taylor gives Steffy and apologizes if he upsets her, but Ridge says he wants to be with her because he loves her, not because of what Brooke did. “Go down and marry that man.” Steffy agrees to some degree, but they can not marry like this. “Mom, I have to say something,” Taylor said. “Oh my God, Thomas, I can not look at you!” Why do this? !! Steffy doesn’t care about Brooke, but what Thomas did to her is wrong – Taylor has to tell Ridge. Taylor wanted to believe he was not with her because of what Brooke did. Steffy reiterates that he must know. Thomas tells his mother that if he tells his dad, his relationship with him will be ruined. Taylor says he should think about it before he does it! Steffy and Thomas take turns telling Taylor what she should do until the wedding music begins. Taylor panicked, “What am I going to do? !!” She asked for a minute. “Just do it and get married,” Thomas told her. “It’s not until you tell Dad in advance,” Steffy says. When alone, Taylor exhales and hurts.

At Brooke’s place, she remembered that Ridge might have sworn to Taylor when they did. “What happened?”

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In the Forrester living room, everyone is waiting for the bride. Steffy and Thomas show up and Ridge asks if there are any issues he should be aware of. Thomas says they just talked to Mom about what this day means to their family. Douglas and Steffy change their faces and she nods to him. On the way to the altar, she handed the phone back to the boy.
Thomas Steffy B&B

The wedding procession begins and Taylor descends the stairs carrying her bouquet. She looks at Steffy and then Thomas and Ridge tilt their heads, feeling something close. Taylor walks up the aisle, looks emotional, and joins Ridge, asking, “Are you okay?”
Steffy Taylor Carter Ridge Thomas Marriage B&B

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