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Billie The Label – Andy told me about Verishop about a month ago: “They seem to have tons of brands. I think they have Agold, isn’t it your favorite denim brand? They also offer 1st day free shipping and free returns. I think you’ll love it!”

Since Andy has been in e-commerce, we have been talking about new platforms + digital products a lot. Fast forward to the past few weeks and Verishop has sought a partnership! This was a great opportunity to check out the site and try some new brands on my list: Lett + Billie the Label. As promised, everything happened at lightning speed.

Billie The Label

Ever since I announced my pregnancy, everyone has been so excited (thank you!) and looking forward to my maternity wear – TBH, and I’m dying to know what it’s going to look like. I’m still in transition, but deciding to order something I can grow into was also a good decision. You’ll absolutely love these two midi dresses (they’re not birthday dresses!), perfect for winter (add boots, coats, scarves) and an easy transition to fall:

Billie The Label Admiration Midi Dress

I ordered this Billie the Label dress in size XS (my usual size) and it fits perfectly. The fabric is stretchy enough for my mom-to-be and comfortable AF when you’re not pregnant. In fact, in my case, I saved the high fashion exam. No, I’ve worn it 4 times since I got it last week – it’s comfy and looks v-shaped with a jacket and boots.

Lett dress in a very large fit. To be honest, I would have ordered an XS, but I ordered an S. Definitely choose your regular size and know that it’s still loose. It’s lighter than sweater material, but heavier than rib cotton, if that makes sense. I will be wearing it forever and glasses in the summer.

By the way, Verishop carries many of our favorite brands AGolde, Supergoop, and T3. They are currently taking 20% ​​off site-wide with code: HOLIDAY! please.

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Now Billie The Label Is Only Available At Verishop.

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Billie The Label Skilful Maxi Dress Ls Bl3194

A collection of 13 small businesses with thoughtful and well-crafted products, from candles and clocks to wine clubs and children’s books. As we all know, women are many things wrapped together – strong, beautiful, powerful, and most importantly,

As women, whether it’s a fast-paced career or a growing family, we always gravitate towards high-quality clothing, which allows us to navigate our busy schedule with grace and grace. This high-quality discovery is the foundation of Billie the Label, an early but sophisticated clothing company. A minimalist way of dressing that embraces the power of every woman. Simple, elegant and dynamic, the brand is making a name for itself as an alternative to fast growing fast fashion.

Enter Justine Liu, founder of Billie the Label. Liu grew up in Rochester, Minnesota, and attended MIT as a biology and pre-med student. Naturally, it was assumed that her profession was medicine, but after moving to New York and following her passion for fashion, Billie the Label was born. After becoming a mother and struggling to find clothes that fit her “new self”, Liu wanted to create a collection of women’s clothing that would evoke femininity, confidence and make-up. Liu wants women to find essentials that suit their lifestyle, including herself, describing her client as “a modern woman who is fierce, feminine and confident at the same time”; trying to produce pieces that show this.

When Liu started Billie the Label last season, the producers are now spending a lot of time thinking about who the female “Billie the Label” could be. After careful consideration,”

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Billie The Label + Colette Dress

This woman has many of the qualities of the women I admired in my life,” Liu said.

A woman does not apologize for what she is; he trusts himself, and the only person he seeks to see is himself. He is always on the move whether he is on the road or his job, so I wanted to create a wardrobe that would match his style. Yes, this strong and experienced woman is also smart about how she spends money. To develop the brand with every woman in mind, Liu chose Billie the Label price point that is accessible to all customers, while still striving for quality. “Many women want timeless, well-made pieces that you can always find,” says the working mother, further proof that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it.

As our society increasingly relies on “fast fashion,” Liu finds beauty in high quality and timeless pieces that last a lifetime. Encouraging a simple style of writing offers an alternative to the fast lifestyle and helps pave the way for today’s working women who desire quality clothing at affordable prices. “Put in pieces that you think you’ll love for a long time and can imagine wearing in different seasons. If you think you’re wearing too many accessories, you are. And make sure you have matching wardrobe staples—a nice pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, a tailored jacket, whatever.” When you’re trying to get a sense of fashion, the designer advises you to “think about your fullness with all the clothes you’re going to make.” “. This confidence is reflected in the best brands and best-selling pieces, such as the Diana Blazer – a classic retro blazer that can be easily combined with many outfits for a woman’s day. Liu says she likes to wear it with “jeans, old T-shirts and Chanel pants.”

Shifting our discussion to the online persona of the same name, let’s talk about content creation. Scroll through Billie the Label’s Instagram page and you’ll see a neutral and clean aesthetic that any viewer can find. It’s organic, natural and chic. Each image looks fresh and professional, but not exaggerated and attractive. You can tell that Liu is being deliberate in his content, and who to communicate with. For him, “it’s not so much minimalism as a fast fashion concept that doesn’t allow keeping things short”. This message can be seen in her simple and elegant online portfolio, drawing viewers to the classic pieces worn by women in their everyday lives. The models on the site look approachable, sweet and friendly, and their style reflects the everyday life of modern women. Producers often try to “work with inspiring and moderate women. The brand is high quality and available, and I wanted every part of the shoot to bring that out to the audience.” Liu only posts honest, organic and inspired by real life Content. Her main influences and influences include Bill Cunningham, Daniel Lee (Bottega Veneta), Unconditional Magazine, 90s Prada and Jil Sander, to name a few.

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Billie The Label Devon Pant Size 2 Khaki Lagenlook Business Beach Wear

With such a focus on “Billie the Label Woman”, there is no doubt that the main message Liu wants to convey through his clothes is the strength and power that women have, and he trusts it. As the daughter of a first-generation Taiwanese immigrant, Liu is passionate about diversity in the fashion industry, and in life, too. She wants “girls and young women to see themselves in the female leaders they admire and know that leadership or a position of power is within reach.” The growing problems, combined with the lack of representation in the world of beauty, make it feel like. he does not belong to the world of fashion. Breaking barriers, Ms. Liu takes her important role in today’s industry, arguing that “having a different role model is as important as having equal representation in the media”.

What has Liu done to ensure that her brand inspires confidence in the women she designs for? He is her regular teacher

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