Bet+ Movies List 2022

Bet+ Movies List 2022 – As summer temperatures rise, BET will “cool off” viewers with a series of exciting primetime thrillers on BET and the BET Hour every Tuesday for five weeks starting Tuesday, August 31.

The film slate includes the linear debut of three BET Original Movies (Always and Forever; Twice Bitten; and the highly anticipated Karen) and two BET+ Original Movies (Impact; The Victim). Each film has plot twists and engaging stories that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats! Watch the exclusive super trailer for BET’s “Summer of Chills” lineup below!

Bet+ Movies List 2022

Twice Bitton premieres on Tuesday 7 September at 22:00/21:00 | encore 9/10 at 10/9c: LisaRaye McCoy focuses on her next target in this unit for her latest con about a sexy con artist. His routine deception goes awry as suspicion grows and the plan leads to disappointment, betrayal and murder. Twice Bitten also stars Kevin A. Walton, Shanika Knowles, Dorian Gregory and Ledisi.

Complete List Of New Movies On Bet Plus

KAREN premieres Tuesday, September 14 at 22:00/21:00 | Encore 17.9. At 10/9c: A nosy, racist, Caucasian woman (Taryn Manning) has just moved in next door to her precious neighbor, a quiet African-American couple (Corey Hardrict; Jasmine Burke). Additional cast includes Greg Alan Williams, Lorenzo Cromwell and V. Bozeman.

IMPACT premieres Tuesday, September 21 at 22.00/21.00 | Encore 24.9. 10/9c: From New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber comes the story of the Hudsons — a family of African-American lawyers led by prominent attorney Bradley Hudson. Along with his son Lamont, daughter Desiree and new wife Carla, they are tasked with protecting Savannah, a Grammy-winning singer accused of murdering her husband Kyle Kirby. Impact stars Roger Gwenver Smith, Kellita Smith, Nadine Ellis, Gary Dourdon, Broderick Hunter, Columbus Short, Todd Anthony, Drew Sidora, Deborah Cox, Anthony Hamilton and Beebe. Impact is a BET+ Original Movie that originally premiered on February 20, 2020.

VICTIM premieres Tuesday, September 28 at 22:00/21:00 | Encore 10/1 at 10/9c: Paula Patton, Erica Ash, V. With an all-star cast including Bozeman and Marques Houston, this legal thriller follows entertainment attorney and all-around power player Daniella Hernandez as she navigates the unknown. Rich and famous clients. The reputation of Danielle and her clients is problematic for the LAPD and strains her relationship with her sister-in-law, District Attorney Beverly Rucker. The film also stars Juan Antonio, Altonio Jackson, Nelson Bonilla, Michael Toland, James Trevena Brown, Liliana Montenegro and Joshua Ramon Gutierrez. Tyagam is a BET+ Original movie that originally launched on December 19, 2019 and has been picked up as a BET+ Original series for launch later this year.

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Trailer for the Home Invasion Thriller ‘Intrusion’ starring Freida Pinto and Logan Marshall-Green. The 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards are in person and back in Atlanta.

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We understand. Ads are annoying, but they pay the bills here. Please disable your ad blocker and support so we can continue to provide you with the content you love. Wondering what new movies are available on BET Plus? Here is a complete list of all the great new BET Plus movies available on the BET+ streaming network.

Here is a list of all the great new BET Plus movies available online for streaming.

In the waning days of Prohibition, Sugar Ray and his adopted son Kwik Club run a speakeasy called Sugar Ray.

Duncan is a brilliant student, Blade is a juvenile delinquent. But due to a mix up with school records, everyone thinks each other,

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When a recently widowed mother finds herself homeless, she persuades her 8-year-old daughter to go camping for fun while working to get her off the streets.

A romantic getaway turns into a hilarious debacle after Michael’s wife drops him off in the desert, where he is kidnapped by a young man and taken hostage at the local Sip and Zip.

After becoming the youngest minority female judge elevated to the bench in her state, Angela Sylvester quickly becomes embroiled in the ‘Kids for Pay’ prison scandal orchestrated by her employer.

When it’s party time, it’s time to bring the house down! If they get caught, that’s it. Kid N Play stars in Rakul’s comedy that started the house party craze.

Complete List Of New Shows On Bet Plus

It’s jammin’! Afraid! High school is over, but no party. Join Kid N’ Play on a hip-hop college adventure in House Party 2.

The boy finally enters the stage of marriage and tries to enter the music management business.

His problems begin when his biggest move brings him down and he has to find a new move or face the wrath of his financial backer.

As she attends these extravagant, traditional and unusual weddings, she begins to wonder if she will always be a bridesmaid or if she will become a bride.

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Tyler Perry’s Sistas

A dramatic thriller about Daphne, a young woman who moves to the Oregon coast with her boyfriend Roger, who, when he inherits her childhood beach house, discovers that Roger has not been completely honest about his past.

It features stories of black mothers who have lost loved ones to police brutality, plus tributes and musical tributes to Macy Gray, Andrea Day, Walt Whitman and The Soul Children of Chicago, civil rights activists and law enforcement.

In this post, we will share the best new movies on BET Plus. You can also find a complete list of new movies on BET Plus and a complete list of new shows on BET Plus.

Top block creators have access to nearly 2,000 hours of content on BET+. Now you can enjoy black culture: your favorite movies, TV series and new releases.

List Of Bet Plus Movies Available

Rocky Wright launched Best Movies 2018 to help streaming movie lovers around the world find the best movies on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more.01 What is BET Plus? 02 How much is BET Plus? 03 Can I get it for free? 04 Is BET Plus worth it? 05 Device and Platform Support 06 Other Features 07 What’s in BET Plus? 08 BET Plus Alternatives 09 Other Frequently Asked Questions

As premium online video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video continue to grow their subscriber base, more outlets are launching online-only spinoffs. BET Cable Network is no different, and in 2019 it launched its own service called BET Plus. But what can you expect when you sign up for the service? Here’s everything we know about BET Plus so far.

The newest streaming service from Paramount Studios and Tyler Perry, featuring classic and original movies and TV shows.

BET Plus is a premium streaming service made primarily for and about black Americans. It comes from the BET (Black Entertainment Television) cable television network, itself owned by ViacomCBS, which also operates Paramount Plus.

The House (2022)

BET Plus is also supported by Tyler Perry Studios, the film and television production company founded by Tyler Perry, who has written, directed and/or created many popular films and television shows over the past 15 years. These include Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Why I Got Married and The Haves and Have Nots.

In February 2021, 18 months after launch, BET President Scott Mills reported that BET Plus had reached 1.5 million subscribers during the Paramount Plus launch.

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You can save 20% by choosing the annual BET Plus subscription plan priced at $94.99 per year.

Yes! You can sign up for the service and watch it for free for the first seven days. You can cancel the service before the end of the free trial period and your credit card will not be charged.

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If you’re a fan of Tyler Perry, especially his earlier work Madea, then BET Plus is something you need to check out. His collection of recorded plays including his last show is fun to watch and fascinating to watch now that he has become a huge entertainment giant.

The service also has a small but growing amount of original programming, so the total price may be worth it if you’re interested in the subject matter.

BET Plus is now available for Android and iOS mobile devices, along with apps for Apple TV set-top boxes. It’s also available on Roku streaming sticks, set-top boxes and TVs with Roku OS installed, as well as Amazon Fire TV-based sticks, set-top boxes and TVs.

It will also be available to Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and Roku users through their channel selection. In addition, you can watch BET Plus on your computer via a web browser at

Bet Awards: How To Watch, Time, Date, Stream For Free

BET Plus, in terms of the technology behind the streaming service, is pretty clunky right now. At the top of the main page, a curated list of featured movies and TV shows appears, and you can browse different content categories like drama, comedy, and more. There doesn’t appear to be a limit to how many simultaneous streams you can have on a single account, and the service’s support section doesn’t mention such a limit. The service streams up to HD resolution, but there’s no indication of 4K streaming support.

The service also lacks parental controls, but the reality is that most of the content on BET

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